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Momma T - a short Bio

            Growing up on a farm in the mid-west taught me many life lessons, but the one thing that has stayed with me throughout my life is this; God provides through nature! Because of this, everything I do now, I do as naturally as possible. From my extensive natural soap collection, to my travel friendly lotion bars, and right on down to my little Boo-boo pillows, all are all inspired by nature and its ability to cleanse, sooth and refresh the body, mind and spirit. Momma T has  been making soap for nearly 20 years now. I started making soap with my girls in our little home school, all those years ago, as a fun lesson in science and art. Then I began to get serious, the rest, is history.



                Parabens, BHT, petrol-chemicals and many other questionable ingredients used in todays' products can be so damaging to our bodies, and we just don't need them to be a staple in our lives , certainly not something we slather across our body's largest organ every day! My soaps are simply made with natural vegetable oils, lye, garden botanicals, essential oils, skin safe fragrances and as many natural colorants as I can find.  Each ingredient is carefully chosen to add the proper balance of bar hardness, emollient, color, and beneficial aroma.

                So if you'd like to treat your hair or skin as if it were important and alive, try some of Momma T's  natural, hand crafted Soaps and other products today.