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Growing up on a farm in the mid-west taught me many life lessons, but the one thing that has stayed with me throughout my life is this; God provides through nature! Because of this, everything I do now, I do as naturally as possible. From my extensive soap collection, to my travel friendly lotion bars, and right down to my little Boo-boo pillows, all are all inspired by nature and its ability to cleanse, sooth and refresh the body, mind and spirit.

Interesting factoid--  Up until the first and second world wars, natural soap was all we had to clean with, we used it to do dishes, wash clothes, clean the house and bath but the war depleted so many of our natural resources that a cheap alternative for cleaning was quickly needed. From that need cheap detergents were created and the detergent industry was born. Since those days detergents have flooded the market and become more and more harmful to our environment and our bodies. Fortunately for us, late in the 60's a revolution for green solutions began its humble search for what was good and useful from Mother Earth. Home soap making was at the for-front of that movement and has continued to grow ever since.  Today we know that petrol-chemicals, artificial surfactants and parabens not only can create environmental problems, but they can adversely affect our health and reproductive systems. Many women today suffer from many more hormonal problems in mid-life than did their mothers,and some evidence points to the chemicals used in modern soaps and detergents. For more information on this email us today for a brief paper that scratches the surface and directs you to search out the problems with these chemicals.